Window sill cladding

Ah Produktion builds cable trunking solutions that preserve and enhance the basic architectural look of a room, working alongside our customers creating solutions that match their specific requirements in terms of material, design, function and budget.


Elektronetta is a cable-channel system in veneer, with concealed yet easily-accessible sockets. It is ideal next to height adjustable desks, since no wiring sticks out from the front of the channel (except for S4). Elektronetta window seat channels are available with a standard straight or curved front edge.


The Pako channel with visible sockets is a suitable choice wherever sockets are used frequently and where function takes precedence over aesthetics. Overhead window seats can be folded into the window bay. Boxes are snapped onto the cable channel. The channel is strong enough to bear the weight of an adult. The system is available with matching shields.

Floor channels

Elektronetta floor solutions offer an attractive means of covering plumbing and electric wires along the floor, for instance, next to glass façades. The channel has concealed sockets. The size and channel grouping can be adapted accordingly. Elektronetta adds an exclusive touch to any room and at a reasonable cost.