About us

Ah Production AB is a well-established construction company in Åmål, known primarily for its production of Dalhem Panel. We manufacture high-quality products for interior environments and acoustic products for walls and ceilings. Beautiful art in harmony with perfect function. Our products create freedom for architects, but also perfect function for those performing and building. We manufacture modern interiors, somewhat beyond the traditional, for offices and for public settings. We have mechanical and carpentry workshops, with long traditions and extensive knowledge, that guarantee solutions that work, and products that constantly inspire.

Our standard is your specialty.

It was in Tösse, outside Åmål in Dalsland that it all started, with the Tösse carpentry factory.

Above: Axel Hallgren with employees in the carpentry workshop.

Axel Hallgren’s carpentry factory, hence the Ah in the current company name, started work in 1935 with joinery for buildings, i.e. windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and other interior woodwork. Previously, all these elements were manufactured out at the building sites. But now they began to be prefabricated instead and that was part of the start of the construction industry we have today. This continued until 1956 when the company moved to Åmål and started making metal brackets for stone window-shelves. The production of Dalhem Panel began in 1999 in Dalhem on Gotland. Since 2002 all production has been in Åmål. Today we manufacture our products at a modern industrial plant of 4,200 square metres. A large amount of our products is exported, and so we have our own agents in countries all over the world.

Image reference: Tösse Station community and the village of Sten Lindström.